Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hey Mama

Sitting here listening to some Mat my pajamas...after having eaten my weight in some Publix brand cinnamon rolls, first dipped in melted butter and cinnamon & sugar, then baked...drinking spiked spiced apple cider...perfect October day.  It is 48 degrees right now and we actually have the heat on today - craziness.  Of course the high will still be 63 - yay.  We also have our very first frost advisory for tonight as they anticipate it will get down to...wait for it...wait for it...36 degrees!  (This one is for you, Ashley...hehe).

So I'll go ahead and give a little update - did my second ever CAT scan, first with contrast, though.  Wow, that was a weird experience with the contrast.  My entire body got INCREDIBLY warm...make that hot...especially my mouth/throat/face.  It was totally painless, however, and I was DONE at 9:10am with a 9:00am appointment - truly miraculous.

Mom came to watch the kids during my appointment and so we decided to head to lunch at Red Robin, which was great.  We were also able to drop the dogs off at Petco for grooming and wow - they look amazing.  Of course I feel like I spent a fortune, but they never get groomed so we'll go with it this time.

Recently I have played a couple rounds of golf...which is funny because I really haven't played since my senior year in high school, my last year on the Male girl's golf team (2003).  I say funny because I am now playing better than I ever played in high school, but I think it is because now I actually find it to be fun.  I bought some awesome (and awesomely cheap) ECCO street golf shoes that are spikeless and are truly more comfortable than my tennis shoes (which desperately need replacing).  And I now own a dress skort, a regular skort, and some nicer khakis...hopefully I'll be able to add some cooler weather outfits to my golf wardrobe.  I much prefer to play when the high is 75 and under and even managed to play 18 without getting tired...I did get a strange neck injury, but got over it within a few days.

Cole and Vera are doing great.  We are dealing with some pre-three year old tantrum stuff with Cole as he is less and less "distractible," which is always fun.  He is still mostly obedient, however, especially when it comes to sleep and staying in his bed for naps and at bedtime (with a few exceptions, hehe).  Vera is finally getting over her 2 week sent of sleep regression and turns 4 months this time next week. She is incredibly quick to catch on to falling asleep independently and for that we are eternally grateful.

I can remember Cole screaming, on average, about 3 hours each night in his crib...sometimes we would come in incrementally to check on him...sometimes we wouldn't (thinking it was more cruel than kind)...finally we graduated to an hour or less.  Vera, however, started out crying maybe 20 minutes and now only intermittently fusses for 10 minutes or less on average before falling asleep while gazing at her Fisher Price singing fish (lol).  I really did not realize that *this* was what "sleep training" was for many parents.  WOW.  My eyes have been opened.

I do think that parenting Cole, a high need infant and toddler, has given Jake and I a well-rounded perspective when it comes to what we think about parenting styles.  I think if I had started with Vera I would be very quick to judge those who practice attachment parenting as "crazy hippies."  The fact of the matter is that if you have a high need kid, attachment parenting is often the best option and the one option that will not totally squash their vibrant personality.  I had to be one of those "crazy hippies" while raising Cole for the first couple years.

Of course I can say the same thing about Vera as if we had never had her, I would be quick to judge those who are all about parent-led options, thinking "yeah, right...ALL kids put themselves to sleep after whimpering for a few minutes...HA!"  Having these two kids has been an exercise in humility and has taught us one major concept: all children are different, even if they are from the same parents, and thus require different parenting styles.  The "my way or the highway" view on parenting is simply ignorant in that these differences are not recognized.

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