Monday, October 17, 2011

Hark the Herald Angels Sing...more like Hark - I feel a large rock trying to smash through my ureter.  No real reason why I had this song in my head...ahhh, oh well.  So I haven't updated in a while because we took a little trip down memory lane to MCG on Wednesday evening where we waited for a fairly obscene amount of time to be seen by an attending.  No worries guys - no one got preferential treatment for being a resident's wife HERE.  Ha.  Comical.  It is times like these I wish I was a pediatric patient as I have a feeling it doesn't quite operate the way the adult side does.

Anyhow, we had a rousing trip there with a ton of fellow ER know, the usual.  I, no doubt, looked like one of those drug seekers.  Per usual I could not stop moving because the pain was so intense.  I'll spare you the details and skip to the good part.  Forty-five minutes after taking a SECOND perocet, I FINALLY got relief (8:45 PM).  I nursed Vera, who had been hungry since 6:00 PM as she has decided she no longer takes bottles when I am gone (yes...awesome), right there in the waiting room.  Surprisingly enough I got zero stares.  I know.  I was shocked too.  So I floated on cloud nine for quite some time through the haze of way too much percocet and phenergen.

We got called back around 9:15 PM where I spoke to a super nice EM resident and gave him my schpeal.  He listened patiently and then went back to talk with the attending about my case.  Meanwhile a nurse came in and gave me a shot of Torodal, again - worked like a charm.  Then we waited...probably 45 minutes...while in the treatment room...Cole screaming...Vera screaming...the works.  Around 10:00 PM the attending comes waltzing in after giving his residents an *awesome* life lesson about how to get people to help you when they say they won't (?) and merely says "So.  You *think* you have a kidney stone?"  Cue narrowed eyes.

I should have stopped right there, stared back and said "Correction.  I know I have a kidney stone.  Are we done here?"  Instead I ever-so-nicely gave him my schpeal over again (for probably the 100th time thus far in my kidney stone treatment path since 2009) to which he said that even though the KUB showed a 10mm stone 2 months ago that we didn't know for SURE that this episode of pain was that stone moving.  Uhhhh, yeah.  OK.  Sounds good.  I suppose it was just a tainted Cherry Coke from Friday's.  Yeah, that makes you want to throw yourself out of a moving vehicle.

The attending went on to say that he would not be admitting me since my pain was clearly gone.  I said something like "Well of course it is gone.  I just had two percocet and a shot of torodal.  I should hope it is gone.  Just what am I supposed to do when this comes back?"  He then states that he thinks it will not come back because I probably already passed the stone.  By this point I am really trying to contain my hysterical laughter.  Clearly there is no training for kidney stone pain/treatment/whatnot wherever he did his residency.  According to

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