Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Because Apparently I Have the Time Now

I figured I would blog again since I found myself sitting here on the couch doing absolutely nothing.  Now I won't say that I don't have anything to do...the entire first floor of the house could use some serious cleaning...and I mean deep cleaning like busting out the steam cleaner.  But let's face it: the first floor is picked up and *most* of the toys are in the playroom...so I consider that a success.  Both kids have been napping since about 1:00 PM...yes, that is 2.5 hours now...wahoo!

I was just sitting here contemplating how different life is the second time around with a newborn.  For us it is EXTREMELY different given that Vera is so much more independent than Cole was at this age.  Sure she loves being held, but she will also tolerate sitting in a bouncy seat or swing and is content to merely look at everyone.  This is a foreign concept to me.  Sleeping patterns are similar to Cole's (he was always a great sleeper but went through a rough patch where he simply could not GET to sleep...we were greatly helped by a sleep consultant).  Vera takes about 3 naps each day for anywhere from 1-3 hours each and goes to bed at night at the same time as Cole and sleeps at least 7 or 8 hours before waking for a feeding.  Here is our typical schedule:

4:30 AM  Vera wakes up for an early morning feeding, goes back to bed
7:30 AM  Vera wakes up, eats, gets dressed & ready for the day
8:00 AM  Vera hangs out in the MamaRoo while I get dressed & ready
8:30 AM  Cole wakes up, gets dressed, & eats "breck breck"
9:00 AM  Vera goes down for her morning nap (sometimes I will shower during this time with Cole in our room watching something on PBS...a la "Dinosaur Train")
10:30 AM  Vera wakes up & eats
11:00 AM  We run our errands for the day -or- Cole plays outside while I clean up the kitchen, wearing Vera
11:30 AM  Ideally this is the time where Vera takes a catnap in her carseat -or- swing
12:30 PM  Lunch time for all three of us
1:30 PM  Nap time for Vera
2:00 PM  Nap time for Cole
4:30 PM  Vera wakes up & eats
5:00 PM  Cole wakes up & plays outside (for as long as possible)
6:00 PM  Vera goes down for her last nap of the day
6:30 PM  Jake comes home (on a good day) & we all eat dinner
7:00 PM  Vera wakes up, family time (either outside or inside in front of the TV)
7:30 PM  Vera eats, Star Wars time (when Jake & Cole watch an episode of Clone Wars on our bed)
8:00 PM  Cole & Vera go to bed for the night

Whew!  That was much more involved to type out than I thought it would be.  Well it comes pretty easy to all of us, especially Vera.  She is amazing when it comes to putting herself to sleep.  I swaddle her (using the miracle blanket -or- the swaddle strap), put one of her blankets (aiden & anais muslin) up by her face, and pop the pacifier (mam newborn) in her mouth.  It takes about 60 seconds of holding her before she closes her eyes.  I place her in the nap nanny (to help ease her moderate reflux issues) in her room, keeping the blanket up by her face (I know I know SIDS nazis...deal with it...the blanket is the thinnest ever), and although she is awake she settles herself within the next 5 minutes.  About half the time I have to go back in within those first 5 minutes to give her the pacifier again, but then that is it.  I really have yet to have to go in a second time for the initial part.  About 25% of the time I *do* have to go in at the 40 minute mark and help her get through the end of one sleep cycle to the beginning of the next...but I am able to give her the pacifier again and typically avoid even picking her up.

Again, this is all a foreign concept to me.  Cole ate for hours and hours and hours and needed the famous "Five S's" (Dr. Harvey Karp, "Happiest Baby on the Block") and would only fall asleep nursing for the first 6 months.  I finally can see the other side of the equation and no longer think that people who dole out well-meaning advice about not nursing your child to sleep are on crack cocaine.  There are actually BABIES out there who do not demand it!  I am still a firm believer that many kids (probably 20% or so) are high need and I will never say a single word about ANYONE who rocks and/or nurses them to sleep - you do what you have to do to get some sleep yourself.  I 100% defer to Dr. Sears on that one.  Enough said.

Of course this is not a Cole bashing session...Cole would always allow me to do other things while nursing - talk on the phone, surf the web, eat, drink...be merry.  Vera, on the other hand, does not.  She rules with an iron fist and unless I am 100% focused on her, she will stop nursing abruptly...and then be mad about it.  She requires that I contort myself into all sorts of ridiculous poses in order to get her in whatever position she chooses when it comes to her meal times.  Much of this has to do with the reflux (she loves eating while leaning forward, almost on her stomach).  Speaking of which, we have had quite a bit of success with Prevacid and I am hoping that after this first refill is done, we will officially be done and she will have outgrown it.  Side note: I think it is incredibly ironic that I had zero acid reflux while pregnant with Cole...and, to our knowledge, Cole had no reflux issues.  Then all of the sudden while pregnant with Vera I had acid reflux for the first time in my life (didn't know what it was the first couple times)...and Vera has serious reflux issues (which are reflected in her crazy, insane arching that prevents her from ever sitting upright anywhere unless forced...and her frequent refusals to eat anything).

Well I think she is up, so I'll go now before she wakes Cole.


Shannon L. said...

You've got the MommaRoo? How do you like it? We are planning on getting one here soon (well once we have a little more liquid $$). :)

Amanda E. said...

Honestly Vera isn't a huge fan, but it is growing on her and is still UBER cool. Feel free to wait till the last minute to order one as they are due to come out with some sort of newborn support to go with it (which should make it MUCH nicer for little ones). And it is definitely worth paying the extra $$ for the new soft fabrics - the one we have is the regular one and she tends to slip down in it b/c the nylon is so slippery.