Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Long Time, No Post

I wish I could say that I haven't been blogging because I have nothing to blog about...but alas, that is not the case.  Take today, for example.  I drove to the gas station before heading out to run some errands this morning (specifically Gap for Cole's MDO pictures tomorrow and Target for Disney trip stuff...oh yes, I didn't tell you about our Disney trip?  Yeah...see...I told you...I'm a loser with this blog).  After getting gas and actually putting my Discover card back in my wallet proudly (instead of dropping it on the ground and having to cancel the card an hour later after thoroughly panicking), I took a left to go up the hill on Furys Ferry Road and noticed the transmission was being weirdly sluggish.

I got in the left turn lane to check out what was going on in the safety and security of our bank parking lot.  I barely made that left turn!  Every time I hit the gas, I could only accelerate to about 20 mph and yet the RPM needle was going CRAZY.  First I checked my parking brake, as I am known to be the idiot who drives with it on...but no parking brake.  Then I check to be sure I am, indeed, in drive...and sure enough that is at least where the gearshift looks to be.  Luckily I was able to limp (20 mph) back down Furys Ferry, into our neighborhood, and just barely up our incredibly tiny hill of a driveway.

First thing's first, I thought.  I should go in, (sadly) wake Jake up (did I mention he is now on nights?  No?  Hmm...), and make sure he thinks it is worth it to call the Volvo dealership first.  He agrees with me and so I give them a call and explain what is going on.  A really nice guy tells me that yes, it is most likely the transmission.  Of course the XC90's transmission has ALREADY been replaced...don't ask...but if you do a google search for "Volvo XC90 transmission" you will come up with quite a few uber angry people posting about their lemon cars.

I called trusty AAA and they came within the hour, towing the car to the dealer so they could look at it.  After waiting a few hours, I got a call back from the nice guy at the dealership...instead of hearing that I have to get my transmission replaced and pay them a gazillion dollars, he tells me they have no idea what caused the issue.  No error codes on the computer.  Drives totally fine for them.  YEAH.  RIGHT.  I could have totally fainted right then and there.

So not only do I have this sneaking suspicion that our transmission is going out and will do so at a VERY inopportune time when I will no doubt be stranded with my two children in the Augusta heat and humidity while my husband is at home sleeping, I had to pay $105 to find out that there is apparently nothing wrong with my car.  Oh, and to make matters worse, I REALLY need an oil change...and my car was at the shop all day...nice.

Here are a few other things that have happened since I last rambled...
*Mom, Cole, Vera, and I are going to Disney World next week and booked the trip barely two weeks in advance, something we NEVER do.  We needed to use up our AirTran tickets (from when they cancelled our NYC flight way back when...Cole wasn't even walking at the time, lol.
*Cole has Mother's Day Out pictures done tomorrow - I'm hoping they are cute even though my plans to head to Gap to buy him a new outfit got derailed.
*Vera went to her two month appointment Monday and got roughly 23 vaccinations.  In a word - smart.  I am currently reaping the hideous benefits of those vaccinations in an incredibly fussy baby who literally will not sleep.  I am not going to be a happy camper if she ends up with encephalitis because of DTaP.
*Oh yes, and prior to this, Vera went on Zantac followed by Prevacid for what we believe is silent reflux (primary signs: crazy back arching, head always turned to the side and upward, 5 minute feedings, and screaming instead of nursing).  The Prevacid seems to be helping.
*Jake is on nights through the end of this rotation...positives?  Pretty much none.  Negatives?  It is late and there are way too many to list.
*News flash: I still have yet to pack for Disney.  Need to get on that.
*Darcy & I (and our kids) started attending Side by Side, a bible study at our church that is for wives of doctors/ childcare...score.
*We had our very first MOPS meeting this past Tuesday and it went very well!  Oh yes, I am a discussion group leader for the Martinez group... :-D
*Cole had a pretty awesome playdate at Monkey Joe's...we ended up going down the MASSIVE slide in the back...multiple times...note to self: wear less baggy shorts next time.
*Weather here in Augusta is FINALLY tolerable!
*Our family joined the Augusta Kroc Center...can not WAIT to start working out there (waiting until Vera is 3 months so she can go to child watch with Cole).  Cole is already obsessed with the aquatic center, which is pretty cool.

OK...that is enough for now.  A ton of other stuff has happened, but honestly I can't even remember half of it at this point.  And I really need to get on that packing...

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