Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Extra Money? Sure - we've got LOADS.

I can't help but hear a "chuh-CHING" in my head every single time I whip out my wallet to pay for something these days.  I mean first the car acts up, and then $100 in diagnostic tests later the dealership says it checks out 100% OK.  Nice.  Go to the dentist...find out I have nearly a dozen cavities that need to be filled (thank you Vera).  First trip - 2 fillings = $100 (that is the 20% that I pay WITH insurance, mind you).  Second trip - 4 fillings = $125.  Awesome.  I go to the grocery yesterday to buy food for our dinners this week...then I realize after I get home that I have somehow left the ground beef...AFTER paying for it.  $4.25 gone.  Just this morning I left out an entire (full) gallon of whole milk and chocolate syrup after getting Cole a refill amid trying to find his missing tennis shoe.  $4.00 gone.  And that shoe?  Yeah.  Still haven't found it.  $50 gone.  Last Georgia Power bill for this (excuse my French) POS rental we are in?  Why that would be $428 folks.  And that house back in Indy...you know the one with the $200 HOA fee?  Yeah - it still exists...and we pay for it...every last bit of it.  Called this morning to inquire about the $1700 refund check we are owed from the hospital since idiot me actually PAID the medical bill I received instead of waiting for MCG to pay it (a resident perk)...yeah, that will be 4-6 ADDITIONAL weeks (they cashed the dang thing on August 18th...and then were payed AGAIN by PPG two weeks ago...didn't start the refund process until I called a second time this morning...crooks).

Good thing we have PILES of money that just fall off the trees in the forest yard out back.

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