Friday, September 30, 2011

Almost Perfect

Don't you hate it when a day is shaping up to be totally awesome and then one TINY little thing sets in motion a huge catastrophe that ends your "perfect day"?  Yeah.  Same here.  Today we headed to Darcy's house for a playdate with her amazing kids - Brandt, Carter, & Elina.  Cole had a great time despite his lack of ability to share (ha)...we spent zero money (yes!)...and had a great lunch of grilled cheese sandwiches, salsa & chips, carrots & dip, and orange soda (breakfast of champions).  We came home, utterly exhausted, and I put Vera down for a nap followed by Cole.  Amazingly I was able to literally just lay Vera in her nap nanny (we are doing this now because of her insane reflux arching) and she was out...I should have known it was too good to be true.  I put Cole down and after less than one sleep cycle...maybe 30 minutes...Vera was awake.  Naturally I had just lay down to try to take a nap, funny.  Now we have been awake...together...her screaming half the trying to feed her...rock her...shush her...give her the pacifier...put her in the swing...put her in the bouncer...back in the swing...on my lap on her stomach...the list goes on.  Of course this is my fault because I didn't take the time to swaddle her as I was trying to put Cole down quickly afterward, so this afternoon is a sad reminder that we are very dependent upon the swaddle to get us through each sleep cycle.  Blast.

Anyway...Cole is now officially up and Vera is still awake---yay for opposite nap schedules.  Gotta go try to put Vera down for the 8th time and get Cole up...then I get to endure Cole's incessant whining for hours before Jake gets home...which could be at 6:30 or it could be at 9:30...whatever MCG thinks is cool.

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