Monday, August 22, 2011

Home Tour

So as you may have heard by now, we are not too thrilled with our rental home here in Augusta.  From the outside it looks pretty cute, and even when you walk in you might be inclined to say "oh how cool!"  But that is where it stops.  There is a list about a mile long that I have created stating why this house is essentially nonfunctional and virtually un-sellable.  As a homeowner myself, it severely irks me that humans who totally disrespect their property even exist on this earth, but alas they do...and they are the owners of this home.  I'll spare you the gory details that include rolling hills and valleys in the floor, gaping holes on the sides of the (cheap) laminate, beautiful granite countertops with massively visible seams, and last but not least (my favorite) - the unusable outlet below the desk with no drilled hole for cords.  And I certainly won't mention the water heater that warranted roughly half a dozen visits by a very kind electrician and his son, with whom we are on a first name basis now, or the dishwasher that, when turned on, smells like a sewer pipe burst in our kitchen.  I may have already lost you, but bear with me.

We have tried to make the house look presentable without spending even more money on repairs and upgrades that are the homeowner's responsibility.  I have not truly cleaned the house, so when you look at these pictures, stand far away and will make things look much better (and you'll get to see it from my current perspective - nearly blind...but that is for another post on another day).


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