Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Vera Reese Eichenberger

Here is her story...

Monday, July 4th, 2011

Fireworks are going off...our idiot dogs are barking...Jake is working...and little Coley is in Greensboro with my mom, having just attended his very first day of a week long Kindermusik camp at Reynold's Plantation.  I *thought* I had been having some pre-labor type signs all day, but I had been having those feelings since the week before at my first "weekly" OB appointment.  I was SO tired but knew that I should take advantage of being 100% by myself and go ahead and do some cleaning.  I think I only managed to vacuum the first floor and pick up a few toys...after that I sat on the couch and watched TV until about midnight.  I went to bed thinking about the next day when I would go to my second weekly OB appointment, wondering if I had made any progress.

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

I woke up a mere two hours after going to bed, so right at 2:00 AM.  I walked to the bathroom and BAM.  Water breaks.  I stood there thinking "hmmm...maybe that wasn't my water..." but all it took was walking around a few steps and I realized that there is no way anyone could hold THAT much pee...bahaha.  Immediately I try to create a game plan.  Jake is still at work but was due to get off right then (he worked a 5-2am shift), so I fumble around with my cell phone and manage to first try his cell (no answer) and then call the paging system and enter his number.  He called me back within about 60 seconds and said "Uhhhh hey..." to which I said "Yeah, my water broke."  Then I heard random cheering in the background...apparently the other residents knew that if he was getting paged in the Emergency Department it was *probably* not work related.  I guess since I was a ticking time bomb it didn't take much for them to realize why I was calling.

Jake got home around 2:30 AM and by that point I had each of my bags lined up in our room.  At this point I did finally start getting some contractions and they became regular and fairly intense quickly.  We got in the car and I used an iPhone app to track the contractions.  By the time we got to the hospital around 2:55 AM or so the app was saying that the average time between my contractions was about 2.5 minutes.  I thought that could NOT be right, but we parked in the garage and walked toward the door.  Naturally this door was locked after hours (REALLY?!)  Luckily Jake brought his ID tag and was able to open it...otherwise I would have bashed it down.  We took the one elevator that goes to L&D and were immediately ushered to a room.  The nurses did their thing while I waited for one of the residents to come check me.  He walks in the room and I can already see the skepticism.  I wanted to start the conversation out with "...and no, I did not pee myself repeatedly.  This IS indeed amniotic fluid...go on, use the strips, check it under a microscope for ferning, do your thing, but you WILL be admitting me."

Seconds later he turns to Jake and says "wow, this will be the most positive result you will ever see."  I.  Told.  You.  So.  I immediately asked for anesthesia and the resident said he would go work on that.  The nurses started hooking me up to the monitors just to find that the monitor in that room was broken.  I then walked down the hall to yet another room where the monitor did work...yay.  They stuck me with an 18 gauge needle "just in case" I needed a blood transfusion during a C-section...ummm no thanks.  I felt like I needed to be sewed up once they took the IV out later...plus all of my IV fluids were leaking out of the gaping hole in my wrist.  By this point the contractions are really crazy intense and the nurses are ooooing and ahhhhhing at the monitors (yeah, not helping).  I asked for anesthesia a second time at this point and was told that they were going in to a procedure but would be coming here first and even if they couldn't get here, we could get IV drugs (like Stadol).  I was *OK* with this option even though it was less than ideal.

A (new) second year resident walked in the door with a frown on her face.  "Well, anesthesia is actually going into a procedure right now and so we can not get your epidural..."  WHAT THE?!  Nothing burns me up more than a severe lack of time management.  By this point it was 4:00 AM and I had been at the hospital for over an hour asking for an epidural.  This should NOT have been a surprise.  I stare back at her, deadpan...actually make that a glare.  "So what about the IV drugs...Stadol?"  "Yeaaaaahhhh...we can't get you that either because they need to authorize it."  At this point one of my nurses is like "Hold on one minute" and runs out of the room, attempting to get me the drugs I was so eloquently promised an hour before.  Jake then says "Can I give verbal authorization?"  She is like "No, you can't."  At this point she leaves the room which was probably one of the smartest moves she made all day because I can safely say that this was one of the angriest versions of Amanda that you could ever meet.

From 4 to 5am I was in excruciating pain and now realize I was probably in transition.  I can still remember the pain vividly.  My birth experience with Cole, although probably not as great for him, was very positive for me.  Unfortunately because of this one, measly hour, I am now reconsidering how many children we have biologically.  I have officially passed 4 different kidney stones and because I had adequate pain relief available to me, I can say that the pain was doable.  The pain during this hour was in no way doable.  I could go on, but I will stop because I don't want to become one of those crazy women who tell every pregnant person they meet about their "hideous" experience where they had insane back labor and had fourth degree tears in 16 different places, lol.  (BTW - that was in no way my experience).

Around 4:40 AM the anesthesiologist finally came to do the epidural, which managed to take him over half an hour to put in...?!?!  Sitting still so he could put it in was crazy...I was shaking everywhere.  Once it was in he did a couple test doses and I started to feel less and less on my left side.  Unfortunately then the pain only intensified on my right side and never did take on that side even with more medication.  I told Jake that I NEEDED to be checked because I felt like I needed to push (and really had felt like that since the anesthesiologist came in).  Naturally I was totally complete and so once the residents came in, I started pushing.  It took about 3 practice pushes plus maybe 5 real pushes and Vera was born!  That portion of this birth experience totally trumped Cole's birth.  His head was incredibly large, much larger than Vera's, and I can remember the doctor looking at me and shaking his head as if he had already written me off and was wheeling me into the OR.  Pushing Vera out was a breeze in comparison.

Vera had the cord looped once around her neck, which proved to be a non-issue, and scored an initial 8 followed by a 9 on her APGAR tests.  She is absolutely perfect in every way, just like Cole :-D  Vera is very calm, cries only for a real reason, and loves being awake and alert but is quiet during this time (which is so weird to us!)  She is working each day at nursing and is getting better each day, especially thanks to the pediatric surgeons who did a frenotomy on her tongue tie last week.  We are seeking out craniosacral therapy to try to help her with her latch and feel like it will help her like it helped Cole.

Cole is adjusting to life with a newborn.  He thinks she is pretty cool but is trying extra hard to get our attention so as not to be "left behind."  The good news is that both kids are sleeping pretty well...Cole is still taking one afternoon nap each day from about 2-4:30 or 5pm each day and then going to bed around 8pm and waking around 8am.  Vera sleeps in 3-5 hour stretches each night and manages to go back to sleep fairly quickly after eating.

Thanks so much for all of the congratulations and well wishes!  Until I get our CD of her first portraits, I'll leave you with this...


Chelsey said...

Hey congrats on baby #2!! I've followed your blog for awhile now and I know you were debating over the donkey and city select and decided on the city select... I was wondering how you like it? We're about to have another one as well but not till dec and I loved our first bugaboo but cant get past the donkey price point :( Anyways I would love to know what you think about the CS :)

Amanda E. said...

Thanks so much!! And yes, I did much debating (soul searching if you will, lol) about Donkey v. City Select and did go with the CS and I am REALLY happy about the decision! I need to actually put Vera IN it, hahaha, but I have used it multiple times with Cole out and about in stores and throughout the neighborhood and love the maneuverability. I managed to find a way to use the Chicco adapter for the CS to rig up with our Orbit Infant Car Seat and it works beautifully together! That was what made me decide to forgo the bassinet...plus we have one already for the Orbit. I still *love* the Donkey, but I'm with you - that price point is hideous! It is so hard to buy into it knowing you could get two LUXURY strollers for the same price. Congratulations on baby #2 to you too!!!