Monday, July 4, 2011

Things I *SHOULD* Be Doing...

  • vacuuming downstairs
  • unloading & loading dishwasher
  • unpacking remaining boxes
  • cleaning bathrooms
  • organizing the nursery
  • picking up Cole's new room
  • making the beds
  • re-organizing & picking up the playroom
Instead, this is what I am doing...
  • sitting on the couch
  • eating a day old McDonald's cheeseburger
  • debating on picking up some Krispy Kremes
  • semi-watching a taped Lifetime movie (nothing but the best...hey, it is a holiday...give me a break)
  • wishing I had an endless supply of Zaxby's cherry Fanta sitting right next to me
  • hoping we don't lose power (again) in yet another storm
  • overanalyzing every twinge as a possible sign of imminent labor
This, folks, is what we call the waiting game.  You feel trapped in all of the waiting...and then it breeds laziness.  I had a nesting spurt a few days back, but now I am just done and pretty much ready to have baby dos instead of waiting to be surprised by them.  I would at least like to have the motivation and energy to complete our to-do list...hmmm.

I have another weekly appointment tomorrow morning, so I'll be sure to keep you posted if the doctor has any insight on timing...of course they never do, but whatev ;-)

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