Sunday, July 3, 2011

First Few Shifts

So far Jake has worked two shifts (and is currently working his third) in the Emergency Department at MCG Children's Hospital here in Augusta.  I am happy to say he has not run into any "surprises" and IU seems to have done more than enough to prep him for this position as a first year.  The first two shifts were 4p-1a and today and tomorrow he goes 5p-2a.  I am happy to say that Tuesday is his first "day off" starting at 2am.

Today we checked out another church here in Augusta and my parents came down and attended as well.    We had a great lunch at Longhorn celebrating Jake's 26th birthday afterwards (yay!)  Then we packed Cole's bags and sent him with my parents to the lakehouse where he will attend a Kindermusik day camp Monday through Friday of this week for a couple hours each morning.  He is really looking forward to getting to swim at the pool..."pool night pool night" was all he would say as he was leaving.

Part of me is hoping I'll spontaneously go into labor this week so that I won't have to worry about getting Cole anywhere, but then the other part of me would rather have a more "fully cooked" child who doesn't struggle so much with nursing...hmm.  It is a toss up.  Of course it is already planned out, I just don't have any of the details...for now I am trying to relax, clean up the house, finish unpacking everything, and make sure all of the unfinished "projects" finally get attended to.

Oh and I almost forgot - Jake got an iPad 2 for his birthday :-D  Cole will love it, hehe.

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