Sunday, July 10, 2011

And We're Back!

As many of you know, Vera Reese Eichenberger graced us with her presence this past week on Tuesday, July 5th at 5:22 AM weighing in at 7 lbs even and 19 3/4 in long.  Of course this was a fairly big shocker as we didn't anticipate she would arrive until closer to the middle/end of July.  Vera was due July 22nd but was born at 37 weeks 3 days and so is considered "late preterm" (full term is now considered 38 weeks for quite a few OBs now given the recent studies that have been published).

Cole is definitely adjusting...pushing limits...adding new "tricks" to his repertoire (including screaming at the top of his lungs at random times)...and finding new and inventive ways to gain his much-needed attention (most recently smacking himself on the mouth/nose as hard as he can and then screaming about it).  Such a character.  He has done very well with Vera, though, and so far we haven't had any real "close calls" as far as injuries go.  He recognizes that she is pretty tiny and "breakable" as Jake says...but he does LOVE to get in her face and say "HEY DERE DEAR(A)!"  I guess we asked for it naming her something that started with a "V."  He does think it is fairly obnoxious that she sleeps nearly all day...

The kids and I spent the weekend at the lakehouse while Jake worked quite a few 4-1a and 5-2a shifts.  It allowed him to get some much-needed rest while we got acclimated to having Vera around.  Good news is that she is very laid back and incredibly quiet.  She rarely cries and when she does, it is actually for a real reason, which is AWESOME!  Bad news is that she has gotten off to a rough start nursing.  Although I half anticipated her having a virtually non-existent suck reflex, I was pleasantly surprised that was not the case...not in the least.  She did, however, have a mild tongue tie that the pediatric surgeons were able to quickly and easily correct last week by doing a frenotomy.  This definitely improved her nursing, but it is also taking some practice for her to really figure out how to be efficient and less vampire-like.  Sound familiar? Yeah.

Although we had Cole checked out by an ENT in Indy after he was born to check for the possibility of tongue-tie (who assured us he did NOT), we think he *does* have a mild tongue tie.  About 20% of tongue tie cases end up being hereditary.  Of course that begs the question, who in our family would have that?  It turns out it *may* be Jake who carries that genetic info...NICE.  Hahaha.  Of course if we lived a few decades back the midwives would have simply swiped a sharpened fingernail under both our kids' tongues and I would never have had to know the pain of trying to nurse through the issue...I am definitely glad they used something a bit more sterile for us, though ;-)

My next post will be Vera's birth story...thinking I'll tackle that after Cole is asleep and we have had the next feeding.

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