Friday, June 10, 2011

Volvo...How I Love & Hate You...Simultaneously

As you know from my previous post, Jake was due to drive from New Albany to Augusta all day Thursday.  He pulled out of the driveway in the S40 around 7am and immediately noticed something was wrong.  After getting some advice and poking/prodding around, he determined that the ball bearings in the wheel had gone bad and come loose.  This may sound like a fairly minor deal, but alas...this was the SAME wheel that had this problem a year ago!  And to top it off, we have ANOTHER wheel losing the ball bearings now too!  That would be 3 different issues in the past 2 years...ridiculous.

After calling a bazillion people and getting the same response "we can work you in beginning of next week," Jake finally settled with Sam Swope Honda in Louisville who said they could work him in that day.  He told them I was pretty far along and due soon...maybe that was the trick ;-)  They had the car done yesterday at 4:30pm and Jake started driving just after that.  He wanted to drive all the way through to Augusta, but around midnight when he hit Atlanta, he thought better about it and stayed at the carriage house at my mom and dad's house.  This morning he got up at 6am and drove the 2.5 hours or so to Augusta.  We are so happy to have him home!

Now I get to call the Volvo dealership here and get an appointment to have the other dumb wheel fixed.

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