Friday, June 17, 2011

Productive Day

Here are a few things we got accomplished today...

  • bought master bedroom drapes (originally priced at $42 each, marked down to $19.99, plus an additional 15% off our entire purchase thanks to my coupon, and a $25 gift certificate that Jake had...each panel ended up becoming about $11.99)
  • set up master drapes...they look pretty good...taffeta looks totally fake, but whatev...they are uber thick, energy efficient so I am happy with them
  • bought groceries for three meals I plan to make and freeze over the next few days
  • took advantage of Sonic's Happy Hour (bought large chocolate shake for Jake and large cherry limeade for me...grand total: $2.35)
  • bought gas...$3.39/gal...oh yes
  • put away all groceries
  • printed out first three recipes to make and freeze pre-baby
  • raked the entire backyard - the storm a few days ago brought down some massive pine branches, pinecones, and those stupid little briar ball things
  • lost Simba, our youngest sheltie, temporarily - he simply pushed the gate open (horrible gate, don't ask)
  • found Simba (literally 10 seconds later) on the other side of the house at the opposite gate...just hanging out...crazy dog
  • swept the deck - still looks horrible, but oh well
  • raked the driveway to get rid of what looks like debris from a hurricane
  • anchored Cole's bookcase to the wall in his new room
  • cleaned up as Cole proceeded to destroy everything in the nursery and his new room
  • gathered laundry...finishing up two loads as we speak
  • unwrapped all large pictures and had Jake hang them all
  • unwrapped all small pictures...gave some frames away...not sure what to do with all the other ones
  • finished packing baby dos' hospital diaper bag
And now I am going to move my car to a safer place that doesn't involve being directly under a massive, old magnolia tree during constant storms tonight...tomorrow...and the day after.

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