Friday, June 10, 2011

Not So Bad

(Written Wednesday, June 8th)

This morning we put Jake on a plane to Louisville so he can drive back down our S40, which we left in New Albany with his parents.  I have NOT been looking forward to this day, probably because it marks the very first day (and night) that I will be completely alone with Cole in Augusta.  When I say "alone" I really mean it.  We have yet to even meet our neighbors and aside from our nice property manager, John, and Cole's mother's day out director, Patti, we know NO ONE HERE.  Under ordinary circumstances it would be fine.  I know who to call if anything goes wrong with the house or with Cole or whatnot, but at 33 weeks pregnant it brings a whole different level of uncertainty to the situation.  Driving myself and Cole to the hospital while I am contracting and in preterm labor is NOT my idea of a normal birth experience.  Of course that is worst case scenario...otherwise known as my middle name.

Anyway, even though this day had been looming for quite some time, now that it is here I am finding it is not so bad being on my own.  Cole has actually been pretty good today!  First we drove back from the airport (Cole cried for the first 5 minutes or so, wailing for "dada" on the "heh-tane"...or airplane for all of you who do not speak toddler...but it quickly changed to "dada drive heh-tane" our son thinks Jake is a pilot, oh well) and went straight to Publix with our short grocery list.  Cole got to ride the "big truck" attached to the back of the cart which worked out for maybe the first 10 minutes or so, but then came the "all done!  all done!"  We pushed and managed to get through the check-out relatively unscathed, unloaded the groceries into the trunk, returned the cart, started the car, and got Cole buckled in (all while he was yelling "drive car drive car!")

I *finally* let him "drive" the car when we got home...sitting in the driver's seat, door open, keys with which he said "keys mama...keys" HA.  While he was having his fun I unloaded and put away all the groceries.  We then made "tune"...aka tuna salad, ate lunch, and headed out on the deck to play in the pool.  The dogs were pretty neurotic, per usual, but Cole had a great time "swimming" in his 1ft deep  inflatable pool.  I was actually comfortable outside thanks to our new market umbrella and our re-used bistro chairs.  I was finally able to drag Cole back inside for some "chew new" (chocolate milk), a diaper change, and "teedee" on "mama's bed" pre-nap.  This seems to be his new routine and I think it will work well when the baby arrives.  He went down super easy for his nap as he is an excellent sleeper and loves his crib...hopefully he'll love his big boy bed just as much, but we'll see.  We hope to make that transition in the next few days or so (once we complete all of our "projects" in that room).

During Cole's nap I was able to sort through the mail, email people who needed to know about our new address, clean out the fridge, create my "to do" list, update our shopping list, fold laundry, and now update the blog.  I am *hoping* to run to the Fifth Third to make a deposit, but that may be pushing my luck as they close at 5pm (UGH).  Thank goodness we opened checking & savings accounts with Wells Fargo as they are on every is even within walking distance from our house.  Of course that is entirely a new blog post...having to slowly but surely switch accounts and then eventually closing the old one...aghhhhhhh.  We'll leave that for POST-baby!

I can officially say that today and tomorrow are prepping me for being "by myself" at least 6 out of 7 days each week...the difference will be that Jake is only a few miles away in an emergency situation, not driving the 9 hours from Louisville to Augusta!

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