Friday, June 3, 2011

More on Augusta

Today was a day packed with work...LOTS of work.  My parents stayed the night last night and we began the day at IHOP, always awesome, but of course Cole was not having it after about 15 minutes naturally.  They left for the lake this morning after breakfast and Jake and I got to work --- first on the list: JC Penney for curtain rods for the living and play rooms and 8 panels for the living room.  This was probably our 6th store we went to looking for window panels over the past week...Target, Bed, Bath, & Beyond, Kohl's, etc etc.  At all the past stores we were finding so-so selection and OK quality but ridiculous prices.  I really refuse to buy a window panel I only sortof like for $40 bucks a pop.  Sorry.  Anyway---Penney's was a success as we bought 5 curtain rods and 8 panels for the two rooms!  I would love to take pictures and post them, but the rest of the house looks like a mess and so that will be saved for later...

We came back home (after getting Cole his cookie & cherry icee, as promised, from the Great American Cookie Company at the Augusta Mall) and started working on installing the hardware.  Sadly it was then that we realized the second battery for Jake's drill had decided to die on him...yessss.  I just love spending gobs of money on this whole moving fiasco.  We put Cole down for a nap and proceeded to clean every set of blinds in the play room, living room, and dining room.  In total it was 8 windows...many of them QUITE large.  And no, we're not talking busting out the swiffer duster---oh no, these babies really should have been taken down and dipped in bleach water, but who has time for that?  I Windexed the crap out of them and wiped each of them down meticulously---both front and back.  It took FOREVER.  Meanwhile Jake penciled in where he needed to use the drill...the nonexistent one of course.

Cole woke up around 4:30pm and then at 5pm we headed to Lowe's to buy a CORDED drill.  Yes, it may seem ridiculous, but I am so tired of depending on shotty cordless drills that hardly ever work when you need them to (either because you forgot to charge the battery or because the battery itself is dead/dying).  We also decided to look at mowers, which of course was a JOKE because it means we get to drop another $400 bucks or so on something ELSE for this rental home (that was left hugely in disrepair...will get to this one later).  We did NOT purchase the mower today because we'll probably end up getting one electric, self-propelled quiet you can mow the lawn in the middle of the night (which we'll probably have to do so as not to die of heat stroke at any other time).

We came home, popped a frozen pizza in the oven, and got to work ACTUALLY drilling in the window hardware.  Jake was a champ and totally did it all himself...and it looks amazing.  Now all of the rooms on the first floor that we had planned on doing window treatments for actually have them up!  I also utilized our brand new and super powerful hand vac along all of the baseboards on the first floor and even on the ceiling in places where huge fuzz balls had collected due to the fans having NEVER been cleaned.  I also cleaned one of the three fans on the first floor...the other two will have to wait for another day.  I even hand vac-ed the carpeted stairs, although Jake and I both agreed that was a mistake as I could barely walk afterward.  The playroom is devoid of ALL boxes...success.  The living room is *close*...although we still need to vacuum and place the rug, place the floor lamp, figure out what to do with the hugely hideous cable box and DVD player, and place all of our large portraits in the correct rooms.

As for the bedrooms, Cole's *new* bedroom (the one he currently is NOT staying in as we haven't yet transitioned to the infamous big boy bed at this time) looks pretty bedding looks amazing, still needs two window panels, and of course we need to take care of the 6 or 7 boxes in there (ugh).  The nursery (where Cole is currently living) is looking pretty good...although get ready for this one: after much contemplation and heartache, Jake and I have decided that in order to save some much needed cash, we will be using Cole's old crib bedding for the new baby.

Of course it is pretty awesome bedding, but I had high hopes of doing a yellow and grey themed room for the new baby, which included some pretty nice (and uber expensive) new bedding.  If I did that, our nice, chocolate rocker would feel very out of place among the grey and it would be a trade off.  Sad part is that the room is painted a nice shade of yellow, but it just isn't jiving well with the Dwell Alphabet bedding which is a couple shades of blue paired with chocolate and white.  Good news is that I think I will be re-using the mesh sheer white IKEA panels that we had been using for each corner of our four poster canopy bed as the window treatments in the nursery.  It doesn't get a ton of light, luckily, so the sheers should spruce it up nicely without overwhelming the room.

OK, I realize I am getting entirely too domestic now, so I'll go.  I am hoping to post some GOOD pictures soon...just give me a week or so to break down a few more boxes and continue my cleaning streak.

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