Monday, June 20, 2011

Jake's First Day of Orientation

After quite a bit of miscommunication (which seems to be a common theme thus far) we found out that Jake actually was due to begin his orientation this morning instead of next Monday!  After lamenting over the many things we had not accomplished since we *thought* we had another week of freedom, I finally came to grips with the facts.  Jake will officially become a PGY1 next Friday!  For now he will be in orientation for the next two benefits...but hey, that's for another post altogether.

Today was surprisingly great, at least thus far.  We started off the day finding out that as long as we could get to this uber remote area in Columbia County where recycling is dropped off, we could purchase a recycling bin for only $5!  Cole and I set off on our journey (sans GPS since I just got the iPhone and apparently no one that uses an iPhone needs a free, talking GPS system...get with the program Apple...Android is miles beyond you there), and amazingly enough we got there.  An incredibly nice guy helped us pick up our bin, loaded it with 5 free reusable shopping bags (yes!), two travel mugs, an activity book, and plenty of stickers for Cole---score!  He even loaded it in our trunk for us...what a great guy.

Because it was such a long trip there and back (total of close to 30 miles), we went through quite a bit of fruit snacks (the snack of choice on the road for Cole).  I decided today was as good a day as any to take advantage of our Monkey Joe's a mere mile or so from the house, given the heat advisory.  We spent about an hour there and I think Cole thoroughly wore himself out.  He even made me go with him on the uber high slides...yeah, probably not a good idea pregnant, but oh well.

We came back home, only thanks to the promise of fruit snacks in the car, and I dug out our leftovers from yesterday's lunch at Chili's.  Cole had mac & cheese and cinnamon apples while I finished the other half of my toasted/grilled ham & swiss (which is divine, by the way...I reluctantly got it since lunchmeat is a no-no, but it was served VERY hot so I think we are cool) and a few french fries.  Cole and I had about 6 glasses of liquid between us...big genius (emphasis on BIG) went out to the car this morning with ZERO drinks.  Dumb.  I have learned that in Augusta you should never be without a massive jug of ice water from about April through September while out and about.

Right now Cole and I are *resting* before his nap, watching Scooby Doo and now Chuggington.  I wish I could just nap during his nap at 2pm, but I really need to pick up everything that Cole has destroyed since we got home.  Plus I STILL have not even attempted to pack my hospital bag and I think that should be a priority as well.  Perhaps I'll take a nap on the couch after that...all it takes is a soap opera on television and I'm out.

Not sure when Jake will be home today, but I am hoping it is earlier than 5:30 or 6.  I would LOVE to go ahead and make/freeze my next meal late afternoon/evening - Chicken Spaghetti.  The sour cream noodle bake went great---we ended up eating half right then for dinner a couple days ago and freezing the remaining half.  I am thinking I may do that this time as well since I have no other possible dinner plans.

Ok ok enough with my to do list.  I am 35 weeks along so far...will be 36 weeks on Friday.  At this point I feel like I could go into labor at any time which is much different from Cole, but we'll see if that feeling means anything at all.  My goal is to go at least until 37 weeks, preferably 38 weeks, because I know how hard nursing a 39 week old was and I am NOT interested in taking on the additional challenge of teaching a preemie with zero suck reflex to nurse.  Yeah.  Frustration to the extreme.  Jake is guessing they will arrive on July 8th...not sure why he thinks that, but OK.  I am thinking July 15th...a week before the due date...just like Cole.  I am *slightly* concerned that this baby may be larger than Cole, though.  How scary is that?!

Alright, well 15 minutes until naptime so I should go prep.

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