Saturday, June 25, 2011

Baby Countdown

Well folks, we are down to a mere 27 days until the due date.  I am uber thankful that our psychotic heat wave that involved quite a few days over 100 degrees (highest reaching 104) seems to be OVER and we are back in the low 90s now.  YES!  I guess in a way it was a positive in getting us acclimated quickly.  Now 95 degrees in the shade feels pretty doable, crazily enough.  Of course it is hard seeing Indy's highs considering this is part of the (very short) timeframe where we actually LIKED Indianapolis' weather.  Ahhhh oh well.

Today we went to a pool party cookout for the pediatrics residents and met some great people!  Cole loved being in a real pool instead of the ridiculous whale baby pool we have sitting on the deck, lol.  I am also thinking that the baby is now FULLY engaged as of this evening...can't even remember feeling crazy movement that low with Cole...ever.  Of course Jake is concerned as he thinks it is still too early for that and thus it would mean we may have an earlier delivery.  We'll see.  I have my last of the "every two week" appointments on Tuesday morning and then it is every single weird that we are incredibly close!

We plan to try another new church tomorrow, but this time our friends Darcy & Eric will be coming with us which will be great :-D  It is so nice to have already found friends in Augusta---yet another reason I feel like we were meant to be here...that it is so obviously in the plan for our lives.

I'll be sure to try to post a quick update if I go into labor tonight...hahaha...

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