Saturday, June 4, 2011

Another Update

Today was yet another productive day for us, wahoo.  While Cole napped we managed to unpack about 3 large wardrobe boxes worth of clothes plus an additional 3 regular boxes of random stuff.  I even had time for a short nap before Cole woke up---score!  Pre-nap we also managed to hit up Target for one of our many lists.  Just now I even sorted out a MASSIVE stack of papers so they can officially be put away...of course I should totally put them away now, but will I?  Nah.  I'm tired.

Oh yes, we watched the Last Exorcism tonight and although the ending left something to be desired, all in all it was a fairly nice flick.

I keep remembering things---tomorrow we are officially trying out our first church in Augusta --- First Baptist Church of Augusta, to be specific.  This is where Cole will be attending Mother's Day Out beginning this Fall and so we thought it should be one of the first ones we try...going to the 11 o'clock traditional service.  Of course we'll have to get there uber early to figure out what to do with Cole/where to go/what papers to fill out/you name it.

OK, now I am really going.

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