Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Truly Productive Day

Sadly today did not include a showing...or even a mere showing schedule...but we did get a TON done!  We started off the day by calling the movers we chose (All My Sons) to officially schedule the move (delivery of goods Thursday, May 26th).  This was followed by an invite to head to the Monon Center for Toddler Open Gym with Leigh (Tyler) & Susan (Skyler), which we happily accepted.  We got there just in time for the beginning of the open gym but apparently the entire Monon Center was closed while they refinished the floors...oh well, instead we had an excellent time at the Chick-fil-A on 86th in front of BRU.  The kids explored the indoor playground, ate, and then explored some more.  I was happy to *finally* have some adult conversation outside of our home and slurp some much needed diet lemonade...I could live on that stuff.

The afternoon was filled with an uber long nap from Cole (2pm-4:45pm), a violin lesson, and a ton of check marks for my massive to do list.  We figured out that the rental home DOES indeed require natural gas as the furnace & water heater are both I went ahead and set up our account (complete with a $60 fee to simply put the thing in my name...really GA Natural Gas?  Really?)  Jake called our security company to hassle them about how exceedingly high our monthly rate is, especially when compared to alternatives in Augusta.  I *think* he was successful in that we may be getting $10 taken off the bill each month for the remainder of our 36 month contract...yesssss.  Now we just have to wait for them to call us back (which won't happen, we have done this before...dumb).

We also got the USPS change of address done and Jake emailed his contact at MCG to change the address with them too.  I called our insurance company to add a renter's insurance policy to our account for the rental home, change our address with them, and make a few changes to our current homeowner's policy.  Jake called three different trash removal companies and we chose an awesome local one that is giving us 2 trash pickups plus free recycling for $75 each quarter.  Score!  I also managed to buy Jake's graduation gift...but for now I'll keep that one a secret as you never know if he is lurking around here ;-)

Tonight I plan to order our change of address postcards from VistaPrint...of course I'll probably have to get expedited shipping (ugh), but oh well.  Anyway...I'll stop boring everyone with our mundane moving crap.

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