Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Temptu Review

On Tuesday I received a truly awesome array of Temptu products from Sephora...the airbrush system itself, a set of two air pod foundations, a blush air pod, a highlighter air pod, and...wait for it...the new sunless tanning system for Temptu (including a tan prep air pod, the actual tan air pod, and a bronzer air pod).  Although I have not yet used the sunless tanning system, I have heard some pretty awesome things about it :-D  I have, however, tried out everything else and I am DEFINITELY impressed!  Temptu is incredibly easy to use and aside from some basic beginner mistakes, I managed to quickly and easily apply an entire face full of make up in probably 3 minutes, tops.  I think once I have done it a few more times I could easily get that number down to 1 or 2 minutes.

Some of my "beginner mistakes" were to try to shove the air pod onto the airbrush wand without first pushing in the tiny button on the side.  In my ridiculousness, I simply thought the button was only to release the pod and that it would simply "snap" in.  Although it does fit without pushing the button at the same time, sometimes certain pods will not fully engage and thus you end up spraying nothing but air on your face...which can work if you are going for the Marilyn Monroe feel, but can be pretty upsetting if you actually want to use the product.  My other mistake was to use the highlighter exactly how they a "C" shape around your eye (following your cheekbone down and also going up around the top of your brow).  Next time I plan to do this only on my cheekbone, and perhaps on the crease of my eye if I get that awesome at applying it.  I have the champagne colored highlighter and it looks great, but not up on my forehead over top my brow...then it just looks like I spray painted some type of cream color up there...weird.

Over all - EXCELLENT product.  I hate the fact that this thing costs an arm and a leg, however.  If you are looking for a time saver, look no further than Temptu.

(I hope to provide an update once I get around to using the sunless tanning system on my incredibly white face).

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