Monday, May 23, 2011

Last Blog Post from Our Home in Indy

We are *still* packing, folks.  It is insanity.  I mean HOW MUCH CRAP can one hide in their 1700 square foot home?!  The answer is quite a bit.  I have these goals of getting to Georgia and miraculously NOT feeling like I am 7 months pregnant and get a huge burst of that I'll be able to clean out a lot of the junk that we brought WITH us in this move and "start fresh" at this new place.  I mean the positive is that we have done a huge clean sweep with all of our it will be nice to start over with that.  The problem is just all the extra junk in the way of desk supplies/"important" papers/old toys...the list goes on.  I hope that our new, expanded storage areas help us stay organized.

Oh, and have I mentioned Jake is seriously considering never moving again?  Yeah.  So although it is sad to be leaving our home and all of our friends, we are trying to think positively and are getting excited to be done with this move.  Ideally we would love to have an offer on our home as we leave, but alas that was not in the plan.  Oh well.  It's OK, though, because now we are literally made of money...right Ashley?  I can not wait to begin refuting that one...bahaha.

See you all on the flip Georgia.

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Eric and Darcy said...

Moving stinks big time! Unfortunately, more space means more room for crap!