Thursday, May 5, 2011

Excited for this Derby Weekend to Begin!

We have a TON of things to look forward to this weekend...well, mostly me, haha.  Tomorrow Jake and I plan to hit the theatre in the morning after taking Cole to mother's day out to see "Something Borrowed."  I read the novel by Emily Giffin (along with most of her other stuff) and really liked I am excited to see Ginnifer Goodwin and John Krasinski who are both in the film ;-)  Then we will pick up little Coley in the afternoon, hopefully after an excellent nap, just in time to see my parents who should be arriving in Indy around then.

Skip to Saturday morning when we have our elective 3D/4D ultrasound scheduled!  I think Cole will really like seeing his little brother or sister up on the big screen...especially since he LOVES the "teedee."  Then we'll head to lunch followed by a nap for Cole.  While Cole is napping Jake and I will head to a friend's wedding, which should be fun.  Then we will all head out to watch the running of the Derby at home (something that Indy has no knowledge of at this point in time) and then we'll eat dinner somewhere for my birthday (big 26, ha).  I can't really decide what I want to eat that night...hmmm...

Oh and the presents...I can't forget the presents!  Technically I already know what they are because my *hints* are very the point where I go ahead and order the gifts myself so as to get the absolute best deal with all of my coupons/promo codes/cashback/etc etc.  My birthday gift from Jake is this massive amount of Temptu airbrush makeup from Sephora.  YES!  We're talking the actual system, foundation, blush, highlighter, and an entire airbrush sunless tanning a ton of free samples and my free birthday gift, score.  Mother's Day gift is this awesome, handcrafted, stamped necklace with Cole's birth information on it :-D  I can't wait to get to see and use both!!

Of course I am HOPING that our house will show sometime during this chaos.  Naturally it won't, but oh well.  This awesome weekend will have to suffice for now...

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