Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Big Boy Bed

Let me start from the beginning...originally Jake and I had planned to keep Cole in his crib as long as possible, at least until 2.5 but we were not opposed to leaving him until he turned 3.  We would RATHER not buy another crib, however, because as much as I am DYING for the new Alma Papa Crib in grey (shown below) that folds away and yet is a full size crib, I am NOT dying to pay an extra $700 that is not in our budget.

So the decision was made to try to keep baby "dos" in the beautiful cradle (so graciously loaned to us before Cole was born from the Survants---a handmade family heirloom) for as long as possible - probably 4 months or so, while Cole stays in the crib.  Then life came and smacked us in the face with a rental home that, while pretty awesome in some ways, has zero guest bedroom to house our Ikea Malm bed frame (pictured below) plus uber nice pillow-topped Serta mattress.

Thus began the quandry---what should we do with this perfectly good bed?  Could we store it in the attic?  Perhaps, but honestly I would rather not store a mattress...especially knowing about how spiders (specifically brown recluse) LOVE burrowing deep in traditional mattresses and then laying their eggs.  Sick.  Sick.  Sick.  We could give it away, I suppose...but then again both components are only 6 years old.  Or could we just use it as a big boy bed for Cole?

The bed frame is really low profile, which makes it an (almost) perfect choice for Cole's first bed.  The only problem is that it is a QUEEN.  Toddler bedding typically is only found for toddler, twin, or sometimes full size beds.  Not to mention we would need a heavy duty waterproof mattress cover...again, something rarely found for queen size beds.  Then there is the issue of the size of the room, which is quite small.  If I had to guess I would say Cole's room is 9ftx10ft.  I hate to "junk up" his room with that massive queen bed shoved up against two of his walls, next to the one window.

And there is the obvious issue that Cole may not take to this "big boy bed" - then where would we be?  So I thought that maybe we could have his crib AND the queen bed in his room, just in case.  But then he has ZERO space in his room for anything and we would have to disassemble and reassemble the crib in order to move it to the nursery eventually.  NEGATIVE.

What does all this mean?  (Besides random ramblings that no one *really* cares about)  Jake and I have decided to take the plunge and move Cole to the queen size big boy bed when we move.  If it backfires on us, he'll sleep in his portable crib indefinitely until he can handle the big boy bed.  Sound like a plan? Hmm.  I'm still not convinced, but he's a great sleeper so we'll try it.


Eric and Darcy said...

Hahahaha! You're funny! We're going to have to do the big transition as well because the boys are trying to climb out of their cribs. Every time I see them try it I yell and say, "No no no no!"

Your IKEA bed is perfect for the transition. I think I would let Cole sleep in his crib for a week or so just to get used to the new house (and let you get rest while you're unpacking) and then go for it. Hopefully, the transition will be over in time for "Dos" to arrive!

Amanda E. said...

I think you are right to suggest having him sleep in the crib for a week or so in order to transition---probably the best bet. I think I'll just have the movers put the crib in the nursery and assemble it there...Cole can just use the nursery for a week or so. Surely he won't get too attached to the room...we'll have to be sure to give him plenty of play time in his "real" room.