Tuesday, May 10, 2011

29 Week Comparison

29 weeks with Cole

29 weeks with "Dos"


Eric and Darcy said...

Ok, so these are my thoughts: I think the belly is pointier with Cole, which I believe is more indicative of a girl. Since that was proven to be incorrect and you had a boy, I have no idea with this belly.

Amanda E. said...

It is so strange isn't it?! Initially I was thinking this might be a girl...but then seeing the 3D images it got me thinking it might be a boy. But then Cole's 3D pictures were much more "harsh" as far as his features went...Jake is standing firm thinking it is a girl but only because a friend of the family had a compelling dream that we were pregnant with a girl...the night before we had the positive pregnancy test, lol. I REALLY want to know...but at this point I don't have much longer to wait I suppose.