Thursday, April 28, 2011

A "No TV" Day (...for Cole, that is)

So far Cole has managed to make it a full hour with zero television this morning!  Of course he has brought me the Wii-mote a couple times yelling, but I would say we are making progress.  Right now he is aimlessly putting his stickers all over this notebook we bought him...awesome.  Let me start off by saying I have pretty much zero qualms with kids watching television provided it is age appropriate.  The problem is that I have started feeling like a slave to our television because it seems as though Cole HAS to have it on every waking moment...even though he only rarely sits down in front of it to actually watch.

Of course this habit began only because of myself and how utterly lazy I am when it comes to keeping Cole entertained.  I like to blame this on the layout of our house being strange...if only the loft was an extension of the FIRST floor...or "if we had enough room for a kids table and chairs"...or "maybe we should buy Cole an easel."  Yeah.  I'm sure all of those things would turn him into a totally self sufficient almost two-year old.  So that is where TV comes in.  We like the channels that cater to his age group and don't include mindless commercials...Nick Jr. is pretty good, Disney Junior seems to be even better, and occasionally we'll turn on PBS.

We also have learned the joys of the portable DVD player in the car.  It is honestly a lifesaver with Cole for trips longer than about 30 minutes because he actually manages to stay quiet instead of shrieking at least halfway to our destination.  Now that we have the screens set up on the backs of the headrests I realize that we need to take them down so as not to be constantly asked for "teedee" every 2 minutes while making quick trips to Target or the grocery store.

I know Cole has the genetics to be a TV fiend like myself, but I hope we can maintain some kind of balance between life in the real world and Chuggington in the meantime.

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