Wednesday, April 13, 2011

City Select

Attention loyal viewers (hehe) - the 2011 Baby Jogger City Select will be landing at the vacation house on Friday :-D  I am psyched because it will arrive just in time for us to greet it, bahahaha.  Cole will be staying with Jake's parents in southern Indiana while we head down to Atlanta and then travel onward to Greensboro on Friday.  Saturday we will go on to Augusta in the morning and meet with our realtor to look at a few for sale properties as well as rental homes currently available.  We are *hoping* that when we come back on Sunday we will KNOW definitively where we will be living for the next three years...that would be awesome.

Next week I have make-up violin lessons Monday so that I can leave Wednesday for a girls' trip to West Palm Beach, Florida with Jill & Tiff.  I am so excited!  Of course I am NOT excited about looking like the lone, beached Orca while everyone sports their AWESOME figures on the beach ;-)  I did go ahead and buy a new swim suit...of course it is maternity (naturally)...don't judge...

Here's to hoping I look OK on the beach.


Eric and Darcy said...

You're going to find the perfect home! Have fun!

Amanda E. said...

Thanks Darcy - I hope you are right (and I really hope the new house does NOT include wood paneling!) I am noticing that the listings may start perking up a bit over the next week or so. Here's to hoping you all have an even easier/nicer time finding yours!