Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Blessings in Disguise

First check out the song if you haven't already...


Laura Story has written quite a few memorable songs, among them Chris Tomlin's "Indescribable," but this would have to be one of my favorites. Although she wrote it about her life and death experience watching her husband undergo countless surgeries to remove a brain tumor, I feel like it is so relevant to all of our lives in general.

Would Jake and I have knowingly chosen the more difficult route of moving 11 hours away for a specialty that we hadn't really even considered, even if we knew it was the path that was chosen for us? In a word - nope. We tried our hardest to stay in our "comfort zone" of Indianapolis where we have lived for four years, had our first child, and own a home. Our plans were totally thrown out the window, however, when we found out that we would actually be moving across the country to a small town, all the while trying to get everything packed and ready with a toddler running around. Oh and the house - yes - selling our house in a still very bleak market. And did I mention the child we are expecting in July? Moving in the third trimester should be outlawed in most states.

The hardest part about making this leap of faith is that it seems like wherever we turn we are constantly reminded, or rather bombarded, by the fact that pretty much no one *wants* us to move and would rather us stay where we are. Moving is tough, but this will be our third big move. First we moved from Louisville to Nashville...then Nashville to Indianapolis...and now Indianapolis (the furthest North we have ever lived) to Augusta (the furthest South we have ever lived). We both feel like moving has shaped us as people and will continue to make us more flexible and understanding when it comes to social norms in different areas of the country. It also helps us really pinpoint where we would like to settle down. I am *not* the type to ever want to regret something, and so I love that we have been able to move around in our twenties so that later we don't regret staying in the same place our entire lives.

No matter the negativity, our family is keeping an open mind and a positive attitude about Augusta. Visiting our second time a couple weeks ago fully reminded us of how much we truly love the area. It will be a nice change to be so close to everything we use on a daily basis...Jake's work/hospitals, church, Publix (my favorite grocery store in the whole world), dentists (pediatric & adult), doctors, mother's day out, MOPS & MOPPETs, Target, Buy Buy Baby, shopping malls, the vet...all within about 5 miles of us, most within 2.5 or 3 miles! We also love that Augusta is filled with unique restaurants and Southern boutiques.

Yes, residency will suck, there is really no way around that. But we will take the perks that come with a smaller program, including Jake being fed home-cooked Southern meals by little old church ladies while in his daily conferences :-D We are also a mere 70 miles from the vacation house where Cole can frolick in one of roughly half a dozen different pool complex options, even including an indoor one for the winter. We plan to embrace the 20+ degree warm up that we will see during the winter months and will NOT be sad to wave goodbye to the treacherous ice encountered pretty often here in Indy.

We *will*, however, miss friends and family here - we really wish we could just take everyone with us, but alas, that is probably not feasible. Jake and I are excited to see what is in store for us with the birth of Vera Belle -or- Asher Glenn in July and throughout his three years at MCG for this pediatrics residency. We may end up being here for three more years if they decide to give Jake an unfunded internal medicine residency, or Jake may end up really loving a pediatric specialty (neonatology, infectious disease, GI, the list goes on) in which case we may stay a few more years in Augusta or move to yet another place to fulfill his fellowship. Who knows!? The possibilities are endless...and we are open to everything provided it is God's plan. For now we know that Augusta is God's plan for us and always has been.


Ashley E. said...

I totally relate to the negative moving sentiments. In general, most people do not like change...I myself is one, but I am embracing it because I have to (and I am not even moving 11 hours away...but to a place that is probably considered a "downgrade" to the city we now live in). You have to keep a positive outlook and look forward to all that is in store. Jake got this choice for a reason!

I LOVE Vera Belle already...because I, naturally, know she is a girl and will be a fun friend for Noelle to visit...in your +20 degree weather (you suck).

Amanda E. said...

I am so happy that for once you won't have to commute all the way to Muncie at least for the next three years! And you'll feel like you have a TON more time in your day for Noelle instead of just spending most of it driving with her being a total angel in the backseat ;-)

Hehehehehe to Vera Belle - with Cole everyone I knew said it would be a boy and with this one everyone has said girl thus far...so far that is a pretty good record :-D And feel free to come down WHENEVER you need a break from the weather!

Michelle said...

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