Monday, April 25, 2011

Back From West Palm Beach

Well we had a great time in West Palm on our "girls' trip"...ate a ton of great food and had some excellent times on the beach.  Jake and Cole seemed to have a nice time in southern Indiana for Easter week/weekend as well.  Oh and have I mentioned that last week alone our house showed THREE times!  We even had a couple who was super interested...enough for us to be in their top 3 properties :-D  This gives us hope that we will, indeed, sell our place and in a reasonable amount of time.

Things are going well with the rental process on the house in Augusta, or should I say Martinez (pronounced mar-ti-NEZ).  We are just waiting on a call back with specifics on when we will take possession of the home, which should be in mid-May.  Right now Jake and I are up to our elbows in quotes/estimates on movers.  We are trying to determine who can give us the best rates on loading, driving, and unloading everything (with us packing everything in advance).  Sadly Jake's program covers zero in moving/relocating expenses :-(  I guess no need throwing that in to the comp package when all of these applicants are stumbling all over themselves to try to get in to most residency programs...bah.  Of course it would be awesome to close on the house and use some of the money to pay the can dream I suppose.

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