Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Sad Yet Real Side Effect While Anticipating Match Day

So you may be asking yourself "what does one do to pass the time as you count the days until a decision is handed down as to where your next four years will be spent?"  I have an answer for you.  Well, I have two answers.  The rational, normal people go about their daily lives and continue to be productive citizens.  And then there's me.  I have taken up obsessing over other things that have nothing to do with Match Day...namely the soft release of the Bugaboo Donkey!

It started a long time ago, back when the Kind & Jugend expo was taking place last year...but the obsession has intensified tenfold today when I received an email from one of my favorite baby gear retailers, Magic Beans, saying that I am finally eligible to pre-order my very own Bugaboo Donkey!  Initially I was so excited I didn't know what to do with myself.  I am now absolutely flipping out in the opposite direction because as much as I want (and *think* that I need this ridiculously priced, unnecessary, additional stroller), I have never laid eyes on the thing in person or had a chance to plop Cole down into one of the seats.  Bugaboo blatantly refuses to release seat dimensions at this point, so I am left wondering---is this seat similar to the Bee?  Or perhaps the Cameleon, but slightly narrower?

The seats hold a MAX of 37.5lbs each...UGH.  This is entirely too low of a maximum weight in my opinion.  The Baby Jogger City Select, the other double we are attempting to decide between, has a max weight of 45lbs per seat, MUCH better.  Of course I won't even go into the very obvious price difference...of roughly $750.  AAAAAAAAAAAAAGH.  That is another luxury stroller!  Wow.  And more than our monthly mortgage.

The rational side of me, which comprises roughly 10% of my mind, is saying "go with the City Select 2011 and wait to purchase it until after you have moved...then use that "extra" $750 to buy one of those designer leather gliders for the living room."  The irrational, crazy side of me (the other 90%) is saying "pre-order that Donkey NOW before they are all gone and you are stuck waiting until the Fall for the real launch!"

Is any of this REALLY that important?  Nope.  Does it *seem* like a life or death decision at this moment in time?  You bet it does.  Would I rather pay $1500 right now to find out where we have matched early and totally screw the double stroller?  YES.

(Of course chances are I would still be pining away for the Donkey & City Select later...I'm such a loser).


Chelsey said...

HA! I love this post. We're also going through the match process- kill me now :) but you sound like me, although I'm not pregnant with baby #2 YET... I am trying to convince my husband that we need the donkey. Make any sense... not really but in my head it does :) So I say go for the donkey! If anything, you could sell it if it doesn't work out.

Amanda E. said...

I am so happy to find that I am not the only one drooling over this thing!! I told my husband pre-getting pregnant with #2 that I didn't care if we were or were not expecting, in April I would be purchasing that Donkey ;-)