Monday, March 28, 2011

Kidney Stone #3

I love how now when I am asked about my medical history, Jake has to *remind* me to mention that I have a (very new) history of kidney stones.  It still sounds totally ridiculous to me.  I mean yes, the men in my dad's family did have kidney stones, but the women did NOT and I really thought I was in the clear.  The first kidney stone that I had I was able to pass on my own merely two weeks before Cole was born in the beginning of July 2009 and it was roughly 5mm.  The second stone, 7mm, made its presence known in April of 2010.  Because I was NOT pregnant the course of treatment was drastically different.  They did quite a bit of imaging (KUBs, CTs, etc) and determined that this one "would probably not pass" (whatever that meant) and the worse news, that I had yet ANOTHER stone on the opposite side just sitting there.  About 36 hours after my initial pain, I went in for the lithotripsy and then had a stent put in immediately following the procedure which stayed in for a week or two and was then removed.

I wished so badly that they could have just blasted away at the other side during that procedure, but they do not do this as it risks damaging BOTH kidneys thus putting you into kidney failure...nice.  When we went back to the urologist for a follow up about 6 weeks later I really thought they would want to set up another lithotripsy to get rid of the last and final stone, once and for all.  I was wrong.  Apparently they wanted to go with the ever-popular "wait and see" approach.  Unfortunately because Jake and I knew that we wanted our kids to be a couple years apart each, this meant going into another pregnancy with the possibility of having a kidney stone attack.  The good news is that I went into the entire thing anticipating the worst and carrying narcotics with me everywhere I went...

Fast forward to Saturday after lunch when suddenly I started showing symptoms of what I *thought* could be a UTI.  Of course I have never actually had a UTI...and then I slowly realized that these symptoms were identical to how my first kidney stone attack began two years earlier.  Knowing I would most likely be in some pretty significant pain pretty quickly, I laid out my beloved Percocet and Zofran on our bedside table.  Like clockwork the searing pain began at midnight and so I took my meds and called the on-call doctor.

The pain started to subside within 25 minutes and we decided to tough it out at home until it got worse.  In the meantime we had Jake's friend, Matt, come to the house and spend the night upstairs for the night just in case we needed to leave for the hospital...obviously we did NOT want to wake Cole up.  Right at 2:30am the pain broke through again and we decided to head to the women's hospital.

The held me in triage for observation until about 6am or so at which point we decided there was no way I could manage that level of pain at home.  They admitted me to the high risk unit and I have been here ever since!  Yesterday was a total blur from about 11am on, which is when they started the morphine PCA drip.  The morphine helped take the edge off, but I was still left with what amounted to a *really* bad lower backache on my right side.  I was so drowsy I could barely even check email or look at text messages without falling asleep mid-sentence.

I am beyond blessed, yet again, because last night around 8pm I noticed that the pain had really left me and I was no longer having to push the button for morphine.  A mere two hours later I passed a MASSIVE rock.  It was ridiculous.  Everyone asks if it hurts at the very end, like in childbirth - the answer is NO.  In fact, unless you use a strainer, most people would never even know they passed anything...I TMI...but that is me ;-)

I am still at the hospital waiting to be discharged, but I am so relieved that I was able to pass yet another stone on my own without any real intervention (aside from pain management, HA).  No doubt these people think I am some psychotic drug seeker based on my pages yesterday..."ummm, yes, I am still in a significant amount of pain..." followed closely by "is that morphine pump *really* on?"  This morning my awesome overnight nurse was telling me how she was "bragging" and showing off the stone to her co-workers, bahahaha, and I mentioned that I started getting this raging headache and thought it might be a side effect from the morphine.  She started laughing hysterically and said "uhhh yeah, you had quite a bit of morphine yesterday."  Gotta get your money's worth I suppose...

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