Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Home Tour

Want to check out our awesome digital home tour?  Cool...it is right...



The Parker Family said...

Love it! We just bought Duncan the bed you have in the loft at Ikea for is "big boy" room :)

Amanda E. said...

Yay! That was the first bed Jake & I bought :-D It is super nice for a kid since it is such a low profile frame...

Eric and Darcy said...

Hi Amanda!
I just noticed your comment on the doctors' wives blog and you noted you're moving to Augusta. So are we!! My husband has been doing a transitional year in Chicago and is doing the rest of his anesthesiology residency at MCG.

Anyway, I just wanted to leave a note because I thought that was really cool to hear of someone else moving down there. Maybe sometime we'll meet!

Darcy Groen

Amanda E. said...


What a small world! That is awesome :-D We would love to meet you all! Jake was actually just in the process of filling out all of the MCG paperwork when our 20 month old decided to scrawl all over it in pen. Nice. Are you looking forward to the change of weather?!

Eric and Darcy said...

Amanda, yes we are looking forward to the warmth! I've heard it's really humid, though. I'm from Phoenix so I like my heat dry:).
You have a 20 month old? We have 22 month old twin boys AND I had a little girl in December. I'm so excited to "meet" someone who will be there and you're a mom!
Have you been to Augusta? I've never been before. We are going down there in a few weeks, though, to try to find a home. Speaking of, have you guys found one?

By the way, I think I remember that paperwork from MCG. Eric had to fill it out last year and it was a TON:)


Amanda E. said...

YES - it is definitely humid there! We both visited for the first time back in November for Jake's interview. My parents live full time in Atlanta and have a vacation home about 70 miles from Augusta in Greensboro, so it makes it nice to have someone in the general vicinity.

That is awesome that you have twins Cole's age! He would think that is super cool :-D. And a little girl too - you are so blessed! We are actually expecting our second July 22nd crazily enough.

On the house front we are trying to sell our place here in Indy and are meeting with our Augusta Realtor on April 16th and will probably make an offer then...aghhhhhh! It is all happening so quickly! We are looking in the summerville area, west Augusta, and Martinez. Cole is pretty obsessed with water/swimming so we would love to be in a neighborhood with a pool which most likely puts us out around Martinez. Of course I am officially talking your ear off now ;-)

Eric and Darcy said...

I've never heard of Summerville. Where is that? We're looking in Augusta (I hear parts are pretty sketchy, though!), Martinez, Evans, and North Augusta. We're also selling our house in Phoenix. We're looking for a rental in GA and our realtor said there should be a lot more after the Masters. I bet there will be more listed for sale, too! From what I've seen, it just seems to be slim pickins for the good homes:). There are just way too many with wood paneling everywhere!

Here's my email address so we can keep in touch:)

By the way, I can't believe you're due in July! That's going to be a crazy few months. Did you watch Real Housewives of Atlanta? One of the women delivered at MCG!