Saturday, March 19, 2011

First Post...Post Match

Lets just say that Thursday, March 17th, 2011 is a day that will live in least for the Eichenberger family ;-)  In a single instant our entire future was changed...totally without our knowledge until that fateful time when Jake read aloud what was written on the paper inside his red envelope at 12:34 PM.  We will soon be moving to Augusta, Georgia where Jake will begin his categorical pediatrics residency at the Medical College of Georgia, and we are over the moon excited!

Of course we go back and is sad to be leaving some pretty awesome friends (Susan, Leigh, Kara, Matt, and of COURSE Ashley, Luke, and Noelle!)  I don't know how we'll ever find other people nearly as wonderful... :-(  And sad to lose a pretty great mother's day out program here.  We also have family fairly close by and it is sad that Cole won't get to see them nearly as often as he has been able to in the last 4 years.

But on the positive side we will be increasing our temperatures pretty dramatically, and Cole, our "Florida boy," will be able to play outside nearly every day of the year!  Take a look at Indy's average temps vs. Augusta's average temps throughout the year...

Our Beloved Indy Weather

The Awesome Augusta Weather

As you can see, I am thrilled with this change.  Thoroughly.  Of course there is the issue of moving in June and delivering a baby in a strange, new land with a strange, new hospital and a strange, new OB practice.  Ahhhh, oh well.  I should be counting my blessings that this pregnancy, just like my pregnancy with Cole, is 100% normal and boring to most OBs.  But don't you dare attempt to wheel me into the OR on account of an awards banquet you are just dying to get'll be sorry.

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Ashley E. said...

Don't you worry, Eichenbergers! You can't get rid of us just by moving to Georgia! We fully plan on visiting! We have mixed emotions, too, even just moving an hour away, back to our hometown! Change can be hard no matter what, but it can also be exciting! The only thing that matters is both Jake & Luke matched and will be able to do what they set out to do, practice medicine!