Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Day Before...(the World Ends?)

Just kidding.  But really, tomorrow is a hugely significant day for our family.  In fact, it probably ranks up there with getting married and having Cole, strange as that sounds.  A few people have asked where we are hoping to match, and although it would be cool to say we matched our #1 ranked program, part of me is really rooting for some other programs down further on the list.  On the one hand, we would like to remain in Indy to be able to keep the same doctor/hospital when it comes to delivering baby dos.  On the other hand, we would relish the opportunity to get to move somewhere new...preferably warmer ;-)  Basically we are trying to keep an open mind about everything, especially now that we know that we at least matched with one of the programs Jake ranked on his list (which is awesome).

Today Cole and I had a great time at the toddler open gym at the Monon Center with Susan and Skyler.  We followed it up with a great lunch of turkey subs at W.G. Grinders in Carmel---big shout out THANK YOU to Susan for buying lunch!  The outing really helped Cole's poor attitude, at least for the past 3 days or so.  The only sad thing is that I didn't get a call to show the house while we were out...ugh...left it in perfect (ha, relatively perfect) condition and even put the dogs in their crate in the garage.  Ahhhhh, oh well.  This afternoon I plan to relax a little bit and then teach a violin lesson at 3:30pm.

In pregnancy news I am feeling pretty good, but today had a sudden-onset sinus headache that is *pretty* freaking intense.  It could be any number of issues...allergies...pregnancy name it.  Unfortunately one of the only things I can do is try to drink hot liquids, use a neti pot, and pop tylenol (which we all know doesn't the reason us pregnant women are allowed to partake...ugh).  Well, I should get to planning my lesson now.

This time tomorrow the waiting will be over and we will know our new home for the next four years!  The suspense is killing me...

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