Friday, February 25, 2011

Lemi Shine

Over the past few months or so Jake and I have been struggling with a (fairly new) dishwasher that seems to no longer clean our dishes.  On the contrary, this dishwasher actually makes our dishes dirtier.  Cups and glasses come out with a white, chalky film and have detergent stuck to the bottom and the sides.  SICK.  I had tried almost everything there is to try...vinegar loads, dishwasher cleaner, using enough jet dry for an entire neighborhood, and finally buying the uber expensive Cascade Complete detergent paks.  One night about a week ago I was scouring dishwasher message boards...yes...this is one exciting life that I lead people.  Someone mentioned using "Lemi Shine" as being this miracle product that helped bring her dishes back to their sparkling beauty...getting rid of all of that hard water buildup.

Today we purchased Lemi Shine at Target while Cole was happily playing at his mother's day out program.  We came home and followed the instructions on how to use it for the first time which included running an empty load first.  Immediately after that load we both noticed that the top rack was WAY easier to pull out than it had been in the past.  Apparently all of the hard water deposits totally clogged everything up to the extreme.  Next we ran a smallish load with the Lemi Shine plus regular detergent to see what that did.  The results?  Truly amazing.  See for yourself...

Obviously the left glass is with Lemi Shine...the right without.  UNBELIEVABLE.  I love this product and plan to buy stock in the company.

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