Friday, January 7, 2011

Whew---a lot of posting!

As you can see I finally got around to posting a few blog entries that had become backlogged...all of them about baby Eichenberger #2 ;-)  I am happy to report that my nausea has actually drastically improved both yesterday and today.  Hopefully this is NOT just a fluke, but even if it is, I'll take this reprieve.  We are due July 22nd, 2011, almost exactly two years from Cole's original due date of July 23rd, 2009!  We are probably totally crazy for attempting the two year spacing...but oh well.

Our schedule gets pretty hectic starting mid-March with Match is what we are anticipating:

*March 17th - infamous "Match Day" when we find out where we will be living for the next 4 years
*April 1st - put the house up on the market and hopefully sell it this month
*May 1st - buy a new house at least by this point
*May 7th - I turn 26 (haha, not really a stressful event...thought I would throw that onto the list)
*May 14th - Jake graduates from medical school
*May 15th - be sure to have fully moved out of old house and into new one
---brief rest/relaxation period---
*July 1st - Jake begins PGY1 (intern year of his residency) and his life at home officially ends
*July 16th - Cole turns 2 (whoops...probably no real birthday party here...errr)
*July 17th-22nd - baby "dos" is born and life as Cole knows it officially ends

Just looking at that makes me tired.

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