Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Then & Now: A First Trimester Comparison

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a true overanalyz-er (not that I think that is a word, but whatev).  Here are some stats from my pregnancy with Cole vs. my current pregnancy with baby dos:

Weight Gain (cumulative people...this was not the number of pounds per week...)
4 weeks    +0.5lbs     +1lbs
6 weeks    +1.5lbs     -2lbs
8 weeks    +2lbs        +2lbs
10 weeks  +3lbs        +1lbs
12 weeks  +1lbs        +2lbs

Belly Size (again, because I am not willing to give an actual measurement, we'll go with what I added)
4 weeks      0             0
6 weeks      0             0
8 weeks    +1in          0
10 weeks  +2.5in       0
12 weeks  +2in        +1in

Cole at 8 weeks
I know I know.  Not very interesting.  I'll at least leave you with pictures.
"dos" at 8 weeks

12 weeks with Cole
12 weeks with "dos"

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