Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Peapod Grocery Delivery

So in my last posting I mentioned that we had placed our first official order with a grocery delivery place called Peapod.com...well they came about 15 minutes ago, 100% on time, and I am stunned at their awesome customer service (not to mention value)!  Not only was the driver/delivery guy incredibly nice and personable, but he also gave us a lovely gift bag full of good stuff simply for being a new customer :-D  I love free stuff...need I say more.  I've got to go check out all of that cool stuff now...(had to put Cole down after putting things in the fridge/freezer)...but wanted to give this quick update that Peapod is TOTALLY worth trying if you are in their delivery area!  There is really no downside to placing an order as you are not "signing up" for anything...nor are you automatically enrolled in something that requires you to place minimum $$ orders every week or month...it is 100% up to you as far as how you use the service.  Heck, I would use this if the only thing I ordered was heavy stuff (milk, juice, soft drinks, cases of water, etc.) so I wouldn't have to haul it around town and then somehow get it into my house while Cole yells at me.

Amazing folks...really amazing.

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