Thursday, January 27, 2011

Looking Forward

On Tuesday afternoon I was feeling pretty good nausea-wise, so I decided not to take my Zofran in the afternoon.  There were zero problems!  I had an awesome dinner with friends and went to bed without even a hint of nausea.  Thinking I could continue this streak, I went ahead and tried to go through Wednesday without Zofran all day.  Bad idea.  Nausea came back full force in the afternoon and continued until I went to bed.  Argh.  Sick.  Needless to say I have refilled my prescription and will try to wean myself off again next month and see what happens.

I can't complain, though, because this time around has been much kinder to me than the last time.  I will say that I am more tired, however.  Of course I think this is 100% my fault because I have been going to bed uber late.  Oh well.

People have been asking us what we think we are having in regards to response is always that I really have no idea, but for whatever reason think it *may* be a girl.  I have no reason to think this, medical reason at least.  Boy or girl, I think Cole will eventually like having a sibling around, especially once the kid becomes more animated closer to the 6 month mark.  I do think that the beginning will be a difficult adjustment for him.

I am looking forward to a lot of things when it comes to this next baby, namely getting to have a more normal newborn experience.  Although the beginning was rough, I grew to love nursing Cole and felt like it was an excellent soothing technique, especially for a high-need baby.  It sounds strange, but I am really looking forward to nursing our second and I think that all of the trials that Cole and I went through will help this time around.  I am just hoping to avoid the half dozen treks to Columbus, Ohio with a screaming newborn this time around.  I don't think Cole would tolerate riding next to the screaming newborn for three hours each way (ironic, eh?)

With Cole I took a lot of crap from so many people for breastfeeding him instead of using formula, including members of the medical community.  I think it is funny how people are so uncomfortable about the idea of nursing.  As for a reason why others are uneasy about the idea of not bottle feeding, I have no answer.  I do think it is incredibly rude, to say the least, when people try to minimize breastfeeding especially when so many women have tried valiantly from the very beginning to nurse their babies and are unable to do so.  It really minimizes their struggle.  Needless to say this time around I will not be apologetic about feeding my child and I think it will be fairly liberating.

Today we looked at a couple of strollers and used Cole as our "tester."  I have come to the conclusion that the Baby Jogger City Select 2011 is probably our best bet IF the Bugaboo Donkey lacks in its hauling capabilities in regards to my 30+ pound 18 month old, soon to be a ? pound 2 year old.  I am holding out hope for the beloved donkey and thus am eagerly awaiting the release of the coveted "selected retailers" who will be selling the mono-duo-mono revolutionary telescoping stroller on April 1st (NOT an April Fool's joke).

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