Sunday, January 16, 2011


I am sitting here blissfully on our bed, feeling pretty good about myself as I just folded a massive load of laundry, made the bed, picked up the bathroom, and am finally getting around to updating this blog...all while Cole is taking his now ever-so-short afternoon nap.  Naturally I am leaving out the fact that I haven't put away any of those clean clothes I just folded, nor have I started the last of nearly six loads of laundry in the loft (five of which *also* need to be folded), and I am also neglecting to mention the downstairs which looks vaguely like an F5 tore through it...twice.  Ahhhhh.  Oh well.  I am relaxing now.  Who cares.

Of course lately all I have been doing is relaxing.  I HATE winters in Indy.  They are so cold, and so dark. Sometimes I wonder if we actually live in Ohio as I am starting to feel like I have seasonal affective disorder.  So while I sit on the berates me with his yelling and screaming.  If he could use more than about six words, he would be saying "Mom.  Get up off your butt and take me outside.  I want to play.  Now.  I don't care that the wind chill is negative twenty, I hate being inside.  I especially hate this house.  Thanks."

Sometimes we get out of the house...maybe three or four times a week or so.  Unfortunately for Cole it is typically to Target, Marsh, Kroger, or CVS.  I am just too tired to lug a 30 pound Cole around, especially since he pretty much flat out refuses to even entertain the idea of a stroller now.  He walks well, but watch out.  The second he sees his opportunity, he will make a break for it and leave you running after him in Carter's.  Or the parking lot.  Or Monkey Joe's.

So I guess this post has really just been one gigantic pity party for one...sorry.  On the bright side, we will be moving at the beginning of May (destination unknown at this present date, sore subject) and even if we have to stay in Indy for the next FOUR YEARS (wow, hard to fathom the thought), I plan to have a fireplace, at least 2200 square feet on no more than two levels, and an efficient, WORKING heater to combat winter from here on out.

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