Friday, January 7, 2011

Going Rogue (originally written 01/04/11)

Today I took the plunge and stopped taking the Zofran for my 24/7 nausea.  Yesterday I noticed this huge correlation in taking my afternoon dose and a MASSIVE wave of unending, extreme morning I thought I would "test out" the theory today.  So far I have been fairly OK.  Unlike the last pregnancy, the morning time seems to be my BEST time of I anticipated being pretty OK at least up until 2pm or so sans meds.  I am now entering more scary territory...the afternoon.  I am really hoping that the Zofran has actually stopped helping my morning sickness so I can stop taking it...the side effects are...errr...less than pleasant.  Wish me luck...

...oh wait...I won't be publishing this for another couple of days...I'll wish myself luck today.

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