Monday, January 3, 2011

After Being Gone, We Are Finally Home!

I'll apologize now for the complete radio silence over the Christmas/New Year's season.  Jake, Cole, and I have been traveling...a lot.  First we headed to southern Indiana to be with Jake's family for a bit...then we flew down to Atlanta to be with my family for Christmas.  On Christmas day we flew from Atlanta down to Ft. Myers to spend yet ANOTHER week in Marco Island, FL.  Sadly there was a cold snap, so we didn't spend much time in the pool or at the beach, but we still had fun riding bikes and "swimming" in the hot tub.

We officially got back yesterday evening and got down to business attempting to clean up the house.  We took down the Christmas tree and all its decorations and managed to also take down the wreath and little nativity.  Our house has officially been "de-Christmas-ed."  Too bad we didn't even spend any amount of time in it with the decorations!

As far as New Year's resolutions go, I am hoping to *actually* reign in on some of my spending.  I officially made my first good shopping decision today in choosing NOT to purchase this truly awesome cable knit wrap that was on sale at Zulily for 30% off.  I feel good.  Sortof.

I also signed up for my first official grocery delivery, set for tomorrow, through!  If you haven't heard of them, be sure to check out their service.  I have found that the prices on *most* items are very similar to that of Kroger/Marsh/Publix...well, scratch Publix, it is the best of the best and they always manage to have the most awesome products and the very cheapest prices.  Anyway, they will deliver the items to your home for a VERY nominal fee ($6.95-$9.95/order) and a $60 minimum order.  It is perfect for working moms who are uber busy and do NOT have time to browse through countless grocery aisles after work or on weekends.  It is also perfect for our family as Cole barely tolerates grocery shopping for more than about 10 minutes and I *hate* having to go out just for groceries in the winter when it feels like it is 20 below zero.  I will admit, though, I probably will not use the service much between April and October of each year.

I am super excited to start our Indiana Green Bean Delivery back up---fresh produce here we come!  I'm not too big on food at the moment...but I am thinking about ordering potatoes and leeks for some of my awesome soup for next week's delivery...hmmm.

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