Friday, December 3, 2010

Walking in Memphis

I'm sitting here in the Crowne Plaza in downtown Memphis, lounging around  Let me just say one thing: WE LOVE MEMPHIS.  I'll admit we had our doubts about the area and whether we would fit in, but we have found that the people are awesome...just like in Nashville.  Although we would absolutely love to be here, we also know that a ton of people are vying for these same spots and there are zero guarantees.

Unfortunately because we know we need more doctors, medical schools are admitting more and more students each year, but when it comes to expanding residency programs, the funding is not there (oh federal government...what a joke).  If anything, most residency programs are shrinking and not expanding.  This means that as each year passes, more and more 4th years will not match in March and will have to "scramble" for whatever few spots are left throughout the country (and typically NOT in their chosen specialty).  UT Memphis' med-peds program is one of the few that is actually expanding, and we love this about the program as well.

Ahh life there are no guarantees, so I suppose this is no just *feels* different ;-)  We will be trusting that the Lord has a specific place for us...and he will reveal that to us on March 17th.

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