Thursday, December 9, 2010

So Many Trips...Too Little Time

We have roughly a bazillion trips planned for this month including yet ONE more down to New Albany, followed by a long trip to Atlanta, and ending with a long vacation in Florida.  Phew.  Even just typing it leaves me wondering how we'll ever manage to pack for all of those things...simultaneously.  Ugh.  Oh well.  It will be nice to be in warmer weather for a while.

Changing the subject, Jake and I are officially "hooked" on yet another series: Big Love.  We are in the middle of season 2 currently and LOVE it!  I think Sister Wives totally spurred me on to the HBO series (which by the way has been picked up for an additional season on TLC...yay!)  It is all so funny/strange that polygamy/plural marriage interests me so much...but for whatever reason it does.

Ahh well...we've got an early day that will most assuredly be filled with packing later I'll go to bed now.

P.S.  We'd like to extend a HUGE congratulations to Stacy, Jackson, & Addyson Seale on their new bundle of joy, scheduled to arrive on or around July 17th of next year :-D

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