Saturday, November 20, 2010

Been a While - Update on Our Life

I apologize for the massive break I have taken from blogging...Jake and I have been traveling pretty much everywhere for interviews.  You name it and we have been there...well, not really.  Augusta, Louisville, Kalamazoo, and now Indy.  We have about 7 more interviews to go...?!?!  Currently Cole is in New Albany being watched by Sally, Jake's sister, and the in-laws while we do a couple more interviews.  Over all the experience has been pretty good and has really helped us narrow down our likes/dislikes.  I think by the time February comes and it is time to put down our final preferences in order, Jake will be ready.

I have also been busily prepping for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  We *finally* purchased a Christmas tree (the Augusta Instant Evergreen, 7.5ft, unlit, from Balsam Hill) and got it set up, which took all of maybe 10 minutes because it is an AWESOME design.  Essentially instead of having to put branches in or deal with those flop down branches that end up bending, this tree is made of wreaths.  At the bottom is the biggest wreath and then as you get closer to the top each wreath gets smaller.  It looks super full and you can not see inside the tree, which is great.  We also got to finally use LED lights (GE multi colored micro LEDs to be exact) to light the tree.  I HATE HATE HATE traditional lights because they just don't last and use up entirely too much energy.  The new LEDs look amazing on the tree.  Here is a pretty horrible picture (we are missing some lights in our living room currently...bear with me):

Today we are working on getting the house in order...storing old baby gear and extra clothes above the garage, putting up the Christmas lights out front, wrapping gifts, cleaning the house, unpacking, repacking, etc etc.  Hopefully we'll get to it all today...especially since we don't have Cole here right now (makes it MUCH easier to be productive).  Of course I started this day off by sleeping in until 10:50am...nice Amanda.

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