Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fairly Productive Sunday Afternoon

This morning we went to church at home for the first time in probably 6 weeks.  Surprisingly enough, Cole did really well in the "walker" side of the nursery.  For the first time ever when I walked inside to pick him up after church he looked up at me and smiled ;-)  Usually he starts bawling the second he sees me, but not today.  We are making some serious progress!

After church we grabbed some Rally's ($0.69 cheeseburgers on Sundays & Wednesdays) and headed home.  Cole was uber tired and so we had a very quick lunch followed by a nap for Cole.  He fell asleep around 1:45pm and has been asleep ever since (with a couple of crying spells, but nothing too serious).  This will be our longest nap on a one-nap day!  Yay!

While Cole has been asleep I have been cleaning out our closet...which was desperately needed!  I managed to take all of my summer hanging and folded clothes out of the closet and drawers.  Sadly I still can't put all of my fall and winter clothes back in the drawers/closet because it is all stored in Cole's closet...oh well.  It looks so much better now!

I just took a break to watch a bit of SVU and purchase this awesome cow wheely bug ride-on for Cole...

Prince Lionheart Wheely Bug Cow

OK...well I've got to get back to the piles of laundry.

Hope you all are having a productive Sunday too!

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