Saturday, October 23, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

I'm a loser for not blogging more...I know I know.  We have done so much in the past week or so, it is hard to remember it all!  Here are a few pictures to highlight our activities...

Infamous "Snickers Cupcakes," perfected by moi

Tried gDiapers with disposable inserts - surprisingly nice

Holliday Park

Holliday Park

Holliday Park

Holliday Park playdate with Nahia;
"Why is your hand suddenly on my shoulder?"

Holliday Park playdate with Nahia
Cole & I at Starbucks, tearing it up with Susan & Skyler
Skyler at Broad Ripple Park
Cole at Broad Ripple Park

Cole at Broad Ripple Park

"Marching Onward" at Broad Ripple Park

Skyler doing his best Forrest Gump impression at Broad Ripple Park

Cole saying goodbye to the poor dog he was harassing
Tyler in his backyard
Cole in Tyler's backyard
Smiling to himself in Tyler's backyard
Nahia looking beautiful, as usual
Skyler, the model
At ZooBoo
About to trick-or-treat in the Plains pavilion
"Oooooooh.  A donkey."
Thrilled to be pushing his own stroller.
I guess that just about sums up our activities in the last few days :-D  Next up, Atlanta to visit with the family and take the clinical portion of step 2 of Jake's boards!

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