Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Orbit Baby Sidekick Announced!

Yesterday my life was significantly improved with Orbit Baby's announcement of their revolutionary skateboard ride-on attachment, the Sidekick!
Here it is in action:

Designed for kids from 2 years old up to 50lbs, the Sidekick is the most awesome ride-on board yet! It is designed to look just like a skateboard and instead of being on the back in the center of the stroller where kids are limited by handlebars and parents are limited in stride, it hangs out on either side of the stroller. A snap on handle allows kids to hang on safely as well.

So what if you've got two other kids? The sidekick is still for you!

Unfortunately right now it looks as though our first generation chassis will not be compatible with the Sidekick, but an upgrade program may be in the works...we are waiting for a response from their customer support team.

To preorder (shipping October 5th), check out!

Oh...and did I mention it kicks up when not in use? And the stroller still folds completely while it is attached??

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