Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

This weekend was pretty uneventful.  We started off on Friday taking mom to the airport so she could go home to Atlanta and pick up her new collie puppy, Bailey.  The next day we left for Southern Indiana for a FULL MONTH!  Jake has an away rotation here in pediatric nephrology and is hoping this will give him a chance to decide where he would like to place U of L on his list of preferences.  On Sunday we went up to Huber's Family Farm to eat lunch and let Cole play in the kids barnyard area.  Now that he can walk (as of August 16th) he has so much fun everywhere he goes, and this was no exception.  He really liked feeding the goats (check out the video on our YouTube channel---link is down the page on the right), although it did freak him out at times.  Then on Monday we hit up Zaxby's in Jeff, which was totally amazing (per usual), and then went to a surprise birthday party for Jake's uncle.  All in all it was a great holiday weekend.

I have been such a loser lately with updating this blog...hopefully I'll get back to a twice a week update schedule again.

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