Friday, September 24, 2010

Christmas Vacation Plans...and Napping

Yesterday we purchased our round trip tickets to Atlanta for our annual Christmas get together with my side of the family.  This year we are going to Marco Island, Florida (again) and are renting an awesome house (again).  I know Cole will love it because he'll be able to do so much more than last time we were there when he was only 5 months old.  And mom managed to get a house with not only a screened in pool, but also a spa ;-)  We noticed that Marco was a bit chilly at times (I had forgotten about that as a kid) having a hot tub will be great!

We also went ahead and purchased this awesome CARES FAA approved restraint system for Cole while he is on the airplane.  I have lugged three different car seats (Orbit Infant car seat, Orbit Toddler car seat, & Combi Coccoro convertible car seat) on & off planes for him this past year, and let me tell is not fun.  Having this awesome restraint that fits in my purse will drastically simplify our weighs less than one pound!  No worries---we have arranged to rent a convertible car seat from Hertz with our rental cars.

For Thanksgiving we plan to come down to southern Indiana to be with Jake's side of the will be nice because Stuart will be able to come in town as well :-D

In other news, Cole is still working on transitioning from two naps to one nap each day.  We officially started this on Wednesday...he was fairly happy, but only slept about an hour and 10 minutes during the one nap.  On Thursday he made some strides by sleeping about an hour and 35 minutes or so, but was cranky just about the entire day.  Finally today he was a total crankosaurus to the extreme, but I put him down right around 12:30pm and he is STILL asleep!  I am hoping for a 2:30pm wake-up time at a minimum...but 3 or 3:30pm would be totally amazing.

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