Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Orange Soda = Bad Mom

Today was an awesome day in the Eichenberger house.  It started out with a late morning: Cole "slept in" until about 8:00 AM (compared to 7:15 or so normally).  Jake didn't have to go to the clinic until closer to 11:00 AM which was great!  It was a balmy 66 degrees when I went outside with the dogs...again, amazing.

Jake went to work and I put Cole down for a nap around 10:30.  I was able to take a long bath, get dressed, make the bed, pick up the living room, practice (all of book 3, going back to my roots ;-), check mail, and make lunch for Cole and I all before he woke up!  At 12:30 PM he FINALLY started screaming and we had a great lunch of smoked turkey & colby on hearty white Pepperidge Farm bread w/ mustard & mayo.  Cole ate his entire sandwich...he is a hog.

Then Cole and I went to Broad Ripple for a 30 minute walk on the Monon Trail.  He was on his absolute best behavior in the Orbit, which is a huge change from the norm.  We stopped by the Broad Ripple Kroger, this time Cole was in the ERGObaby Classic Carrier (awesome), and I am happy to say there were no dramatic fits the entire time we shopped!

While in Kroger I picked up this new Sunkist Solar Fusion drink (http://www.sunkistsoda.com/promotion.html) because I am always looking for new, exciting drinks to try, bahahaha.  Cole immediately sees it and becomes interested.  We get in the car and I bring him up front with me while we sit in front of the A/C, waiting for the car to cool off.  I open the drink and give him a sip, then I try it---totally amazing drink.  Cole thinks so too, so he demands that he have more of it.  I decide that is just about enough sugar (and enough backwash), so I begin buckling him in to the car seat.

It is at this point that he has a *slight* meltdown (normal meltdown = shrieking until people are calling 911 all around us, this was very minor in comparison).  I know he must be super thirsty as we were just walking on the Monon, so I find a sippy cup in the back seat that is empty.  Hmm...I think about it for all of 2 seconds and then pour about 4 ounces of the Sunkist orange soda into the sippy cup and give it to him.  Lets just say that was the quietest, most pleasant car ride I have had in about 13 months!

So you can go ahead and call it what it is---I am one of those horrible moms who puts soda in their kids' sippy cup.  But hey, at least it wasn't a bottle, right?  And although I am probably going back to my appalachian roots, it also was not Mountain Dew.

...Does it sound any better if I told you that I brushed all 5.5 of his teeth afterwards?

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